The Alegado Foundation was founded in honor of Jacinto Rama Alegado and Gaudiosa Ingking Alegado. The values that Jacinto and Gaudiosa instilled in their children — community, education, and the conviction to uplift others in need — are the very principles that compelled their descendants to create the Alegado Foundation in 2007.

Today, three generations of the Alegado line work alongside a group of incredible volunteers and partners to bring forth that vision of goodwill and effective global aid to life. Coming from a long line of educators and healthcare professionals, we believe that we can draw from our collective knowledge to create solutions that alleviate poverty and promote self-sufficiency. It is our hope that we may continue to build Jacinto and Gaudiosa’s legacy in a way that inspires our posterity to cultivate communities that uplift, self-sustain, and thrive.

A History of Family and Service

Here are some key events that shaped who we are today.


October 1998: Our humble beginnings

Descendants of Jacinto Rama Alegado and Gaudiosa Ingking Alegado decide to form an organization that promotes the couple’s values of community, education, the conviction to uplift others in need. The ALEGADO FOUNDATION is registered with the Securities Exchange Commission, Cebu Regional Office, Cebu City, Philippines.





2006: The first medical mission

The earliest members of the Alegado Foundation conduct their first medical mission in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi, Philippines. Over the course of three days, they conduct 1,000 medical consultations, 120 minor surgeries, and 200 dental services.



March 2007: The San Diego incorporation

The Alegado Foundation incorporates in San Diego, CA, as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. That same year, the foundation ships care packages of books, toys, and medical supplies to communities in the Visayan islands and Tawi-Tawi, Mindanao. The organization also collaborates with Philippines-based agents to initiate plans for a multi-purpose center for local communities in Carcar, Cebu.



2008 – Present: Serving together to help those in need

Over the past ten years, the Alegado Foundation has spearheaded dozens of humanitarian projects, including: fundraising for the construction of new schools for the marginalized Sama tribes; collecting books, supplies, equipment, and desks to furnish schools for children; working with local businesses to sponsor feeding programs for schoolchildren; and developing medical missions into all-in-one relief missions to help a greater span of communities in need.