On July 24th, 2018, a massive fire ignited in Jolo, the capital city of Sulu, an island in the Philippines’ Mindanao region. The fire burned throughout the week, destroying 2,500 houses and affecting 5,200 households, leaving at least 26,000 individuals displaced, wounded, and/or missing, and 3 of the capital’s 8 barangays (districts) in ashes.

Read more about the fire here: Massive fire in Jolo, Sulu displaces 5,200 families


Source: Rappler

Alegado Foundation is partnering with the Mindanao Humanitarian Volunteers for Peace (MHVP) and the Philippine Marines in Sulu, who are currently on the field and will be holding an all-in-one mission in Pata, Sulu, on September 20th–23rd, 2018, to provide much-needed relief in the aftermath of this devastating disaster. We are helping MHVP raise money to get emergency kits and supplies such as blankets, hygiene kits, medicine, and other essentials to the people of Jolo as soon as possible.

Per Colonel Stephen Cabanlet, coordinator for the Pata all-in-one mission, the medicine supply is very low.

If you’d like to help, please consider contributing to our fundraiser, so that we may help restore these supply levels. All funds will be forwarded directly to MHVP so they can get their job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thanks in advance for your support!

Sulu Fire Fundraiser by Mindanao Humanitarian Volunteers for Peace

Click here to access the GoFundMe page.

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