Fundraising and morale efforts in times of conflict and natural disaster

Violent conflicts and natural disasters leave many communities devastated. Our leadership team maintains regular communication with Philippine-based humanitarian groups and armed forces to ensure the Alegado Foundation can assist in responding to conflicts as quickly as possible.

The 2018 Jolo Fire

On July 24th, 2018, a massive fire burned through Jolo, the capital city of Sulu, an island in the Philippines’ Mindanao region. Though it has since been extinguished, the fire burned down 2,600 houses and affected 5,200 households, leaving at least 26,000 individuals displaced, wounded, and/or missing, and 3 of the capital’s 8 barangays (districts) in ashes. We are currently raising money to help sponsor the purchase and dispatch of medicine to victims of this devastating disaster. Read more about our current efforts here.

The 2017 Marawi Crisis

The 2017 Marawi crisis left thousands dead and many injured and displaced. The Alegado Foundation collected donations to assemble care packages of food supplies, personal hygiene kits, and cards and letters of comfort from children across the world.